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Blohm Jung overhaul department

Blohm Jung overhaul

Blohm Jung machine overhauls

Blohm Jung have an overhaul department with experienced employees at almost every production centre. Blohm Jung will gladly provide you with on-site advice regarding the overhaul of your machine and draw up an inventory.A machine overhaul comprises:

  • Complete dismantling of the machine
  • Renewal of the guideways
  • Repainting of the machine and components
  • Construction of the machine and the associated geometry
  • Recommissioning including functional and geometry inspection

You will also benefit from a warranty on all work carried out.

Your advantages:

  • Precision and productivity as for a new machine
  • Extended service life of your machine
  • Retraining of employees on a new machine unnecessary

Please see the time lapse video below for the re-building of a Jung machine.


Please contact Alastair for more information