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Part Cleaning and Dust Extraction

Mist Extraction

A mist extraction system for coolant mist with capacity from 500m3/h to 2500m3/h.

A variety of different filters can be used to include some that are washable.
Can be wired to the machine tool or have their own supply.
Power 230volts or 400volts depending on filter size.

Down Draught Bench

Application of the removal of dust and fumes when using hand tools where there are particles that need to be captured and filtered out from the air.

These benches pull the particles away from the operator.

Industrial applications:
Aerospace, Composites, Medical, Motor sports, refurbishment automotive parts.

Materials include: Aluminium, Carbon fibre, ferrous metals, Inconel, wood.

Vented area 600mm x 600mm to 1800mm x 900mm.

Blow Down Bench

The enclosure contains the coolant when being blow off the part containing the mist. As an option, the unit can be equipped with direct suction for a Mist Extractor.

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