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A NEW modern surface and profile grinding machine for the highest precision and surface quality.

Jung J600 Surface Grinder


This machine offers a host of potential applications from individual component production through to small batch production in all industries. With its grinding range of 300 x 600mm the J600 realises its full potential, particularly when grinding demanding applications in tool and die making industries.

The double sliding door to the work area and additional maintenance doors guarantee optimal handling and cleaning of the machine.

In conjunction with the hand wheel for the X-, Y- and Z-axis, an additional highlight is ‘Easy Mode’ which enables semi-automatic and manual grinding. This function enables increased ease of use of the machine.

Grinding range: 300 x 600mm


  • X-Axis: 700mm
  • Y-Axis: max. 450mm
  • Z-Axis: max. 345mm

Grinding spindle drive power: 8.5 kW at 1,500 1/min

Grinding wheel: 150…300 x 14…50 x 76.2


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