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We can supply a variety of grinding wheels in various shapes and sizes to meet modern grinding applications

The grinding wheels can be manufactured from:
• Aluminium Oxide
• CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)
• Ceramic grain
• Diamond
• Electroplated
• Resin bonded
• Silicon carbide
• Vitrified wheels

Grind wheels can be used for grind a whole range of materials to include:
• Cast Iron
• Ceramic
• Graphite
• Inconel
• Nickel based alloys
• Steel both soft and hardened
• Stainless steel
• Titanium aluminide
• Tool steel
• Udimet

Grinding wheel

Cut off wheel

Cut Off wheel

Mounted Points available in CBN or Aluminium oxide

Grinding wheel

Diamond Metal bonded grinding wheels

Cutter sharpening wheels

Cup wheel for tool and cutter grinding

Cup wheel

Type 1 wheel for tool and cutter grinding.

Startec Type 1 wheel

Type 1 Plus grinding wheel for tool and cutter grinding.

Type 1 wheel tool and cutter

CSS Ultra grinding wheel used for thread grinding, Bearing, Automotive indutries

grinding wheels

Creep feed grinding wheel Stato Ultra

Strato Ultra

Electroplated CBN Grinding wheel for plunge grinding

Grinding wheel

Diamond roll for dressing grinding wheels by continuous dressing or table dressing.

Dressing Roll

Break Dresser for conditioning type 1 super abrasive wheels


Thread grinding Wheel Mira

grinding wheel



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